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Technology and natural disasters: Surviving the floods in Chennai

Exactly one month ago, I came face to face with the fury of El Niño in Chennai, a sprawling city in India of more than 7 million people. The storms and the floods of December 1 left 1.8 million people displaced from their homes and about 400 dead. I narrowly escaped the floods, thanks to my mobile device and the thoughtfulness of strangers. Now, I have a chance to reflect on how technology has made crowdsourced disaster relief possible, and what lessons healthcare can learn from this. Continue reading

Happy LOINCing with HDD Access!

The July release of HDD Access, the open public version of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary, included LOINC® (version 2.50), the standard terminology for lab and clinical observations. We thank Regenstrief Institute for their active support in making this possible. LOINC was perhaps the most-requested terminology on the HDD Access discussion forums, and we hope that this release helps our users to take another big step towards clinical data interoperability. We noticed an increase in downloads after we released LOINC, many of them by new users. So, for those who are just starting out, here’s a brief overview of how to use the LOINC content within HDD Access. Continue reading