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You are ready

No more kicking this ICD-10 can down the road. It’s finally here.  We have all been waiting, planning, preparing, training, and yes, worrying. With ICD-10 only 24 hours away, will it be gloom and doom as some suggest? Will the sky really fall when ICD-10 becomes effective? How could it when there have been so many years of effort and dedication by so many from across the healthcare industry?

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Why So Many Coding Software Releases?

Take a glance at your phone, or your laptop screen, or your desktop monitor. Do you see an alert about downloading a new software release or system update? We ignore them, we avoid them, and we put off installing them for days. When we finally get around to it, inevitably a new alert pops up with yet another set of updates!

Many of you may have wondered… why does 3M provide so many releases for the 3M Coding and Reimbursement System? Well, in this blog I hope to address the question of updates in a way that will help you understand how these releases impact you and which ones are critical for you to perform to keep your coding system updated. Continue reading

ICD-10 Dual Coding vs. Double Coding Part 2

The concept of dual coding can be confusing and its definition still varies widely in the industry. I recently received a comment on my blog, “1CD-10 and Dual Coding vs. Double Coding,” from 2011. The commenter spoke about his organization’s experience with coding in both code sets, stating that coders had been instructed to double code in order to maintain accurate coding in both ICD-10 and ICD-9. He noted that this created a time-consuming, redundant process and asked if the need to double code with 3M’s coding software was done intentionally and did 3M have any plans for enhancements that would save time in the future.

We usually don’t get into product details on our blog, but since other readers may have the same questions I want to use this blog post to look at dual coding again and give some answers on our approach to dual coding. The following will detail 3M’s dual coding strategy and how it can help reduce the productivity impact expected with ICD-10. Continue reading

ICD-10: Dual Coding vs. Double Coding

By: Andy Sager

As Product Marketing Manager for the 3M Coding and Reimbursement System, my job is to make sure the software truly meets the needs and expectations of coders. While researching and preparing our coding products for ICD-10, I’ve heard a lot of buzz around dual coding, but after looking into it, I’ve been surprised by the many definitions of dual coding that are out there.

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