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Will the first technology choices in design of population health be the most important?

As the healthcare industry strives to converge all the data sources required to manage population health, the mass of data needed to do it well, and to both clinically and analytically inform, will require something of a science project. Let’s call it gravity. Continue reading

Should providers embrace and adopt the “Cloud?”

Information technology planning in the 1990s and early 2000s involved forecasting capacity based upon detailed planning. Technologists would meet with business teams and supporting staff, and then whiteboard and spreadsheet the planned IT activity.

This effort resulted in vendor relationships, proposals and capital expenses, then waiting on equipment to arrive with the inevitable communication around delays due to backordered equipment and telephony circuits. No offense to my contemporaries of that time period, but as an industry we either under-provisioned, over-provisioned, or in rare cases, forecasted the right amount of capacity. The simple math is that 66 percent of the time, we technologists were not accurate in our ability to provide the services of infrastructure, capacity and performance. Continue reading

Using Scrum to tackle technical debt

I guess I may be part of a revolution and that revolution is called “Scrum.” Like many health IT leaders who are challenged with an ever growing backlog of work, there is no good, quantifiable way to prioritize that backlog, and it just keeps growing.

Enter what Scrum can do for healthcare IT. Continue reading

Looking for a Future in Healthcare IT? Think About a Career in Data

Data as a career may be a bit ambiguous. How about looking for a career in data modeling, preserving, securing, delivering and making data readily available?

Beyond the obvious solutions available within healthcare data to inform products and influence reform, there is a residual need for how to carefully steward and retain the data. Some refer to this as data governance. I call it simply, “a retention and capacity strategy in need of professionals.” Over the last five years, the healthcare industry has lost a tremendous amount of talent to the promise of “big data” and data driven analytics. The industry need is greater than ever to field a new set of talent. Continue reading

Building the Bridge to Healthcare IT

Trust me when I tell you that, as a healthcare IT technologist, most of us are excited about your projects when we first learn about them. You may have noticed the occasional sigh or raised eyebrow, but now the reason why.

Transparency. Continue reading

Swiss Cheese and the Balkanization of Big Data in Healthcare

Reading the title, you are probably wondering how the two go together. In relation to big data, both terms produce some of the largest challenges we experience with the efficacy of data within the realm of healthcare big data analytics. These pains, explained later, can be addressed early in building useful, large datasets. Understanding them may be the key difference in managing a successful “big” dataset versus another collection of useless binary. Continue reading