Counting down the top 5 blogs of 2015

Happy New Year to all our readers! Before the ball drops in Times Square, catch up on five of our most read blogs of the year:

  1. What you don’t know might hurt you…the potential negative impact of CDI programs on quality outcomes data” by Cheryl Manchenton

To query or not to query? Cheryl Manchenton discusses the impact your CDI program can have on your quality scores, positive or negative.

  1. Physicians and Coders: No More Unspecified Care” by Barbara Aubry

While CMS has made it clear that using unspecified ICD-10 codes is acceptable, Barbara Aubry emphasizes that payers will be looking for outliers who use unspecified codes frequently. The answer: Ramped-up documentation.

  1. ICD-10: The road ahead” by Richard Averill

The road to ICD-10 was long and winding, but there is more ahead after implementation. Read Richard Averill’s take on the future of healthcare now that ICD-10 is a reality.

  1. The seven habits of highly successful care programs—and six examples” by Kristine Daynes

Kristine Daynes breaks down seven attributes of successful care programs and puts those attributes into action with six examples.

  1. ICD-10 Cheat Sheet: DIY for Physicians” by Rhonda Butler

Leading up to ICD-10 implementation, blogger Rhonda Butler provides an extensive manual on how to create a coding “cheat sheet.”

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